June 2021 Holiday Programme
Deals / I CAN READ
Ongoing till 23 May 2021
Level up your child's English Literacy skills this June! 
I Can Read's Holiday Programme is suitable for children aged 5 - 8 to help,
- Develop critical skills required to become an independent & fluent reader 
- Learn accurate pronunciation of the sounds in the English Language
- Discover ways to use new vocabulary words in complete grammatically correct sentences
- Increase your child's confidence in public speaking and socialising 
Develop your child's potential to communicate and respond so they can get one step ahead in primary school.
Receive a Limited Edition Welcome Pack, which contains exclusive ICR merchandise and vouchers when you sign up for the holiday programme.
Learn more about the Holiday Programme: https://hubs.la/H0Mc7mM0

Register by 23 May 2021.

Visit I Can Read, #05-07 for more info. Terms and condiitons apply.