Old Chang Kee Blue Pea Nasi Lemak’O
Valid from 1 April 2021 to 31 May 2021, while stocks last.

Hands up if you’ve been our die hard fan for the popular Nasi Lemak Chicken’O since 2018!

The new Blue Pea Nasi Lemak’O is now packed with Blue Pea Nasi Lemak rice in an Epok Epok Crispy skin! The puff is encased with the same delicious fillings of peanut, ikan bilis, Masala chicken, sliced egg and our ‘secret’ sambal chilli.

This new version is sure to pack more savoury punch to every bite with the extra crunch of the Epok skin.

Try it out at Old Chang Kee (#01-39)!