6 Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

As one of the most private and personal spaces in every home, the bathroom is undoubtedly an important part of our lives simply because of all the functions it serves. It’s a place where we usually start our morning routine, indulge in stress-relieving self-care at the end of the day, find precious alone time if you’re a parent, and plenty more. These daily indulgences make it worth creating a tranquil space for yourself.

Did you know that giving your messy, tired bathroom a quick facelift can work wonders to transform it into a stylish, modern yet functional sanctuary? Here are Frasers eStore’s top tips to help you get started on your mini bathroom makeover for an organised, ultra-relaxing and refreshing space!

1. Declutter

As much as you’d love to keep all your favourite beauty products forever, it could be the older items that are taking up much of your space. It’s highly recommended to toss them out especially if they’ve gone way past their expiration date, as old skin and body care could be a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s always better to own just a few high quality beauty products instead.

As for those mini samples of shampoo, shower gel and conditioner lurking around, throw them out if you’ve not used them in a while, or if they’re still in good condition - pack them separately for when you go on staycations.

2. Get smart about storage

The next step is to find a clever solution to keep everything else organised.

For something sturdy and functional, opt for acrylic organisers, like the ones from MUJI. They can be easily stacked on one another and stored in your vanity cabinet, drawers or sink cabinets. What we like best about these transparent organisers is that they make finding your items easy! This is definitely helpful on busy weekday mornings when the last thing you want is to fumble around looking for things. If space is an issue, go for MUJI’s Single Drawer Unit, but our pick would be the three or six drawer unit to give you maximum storage space.

What’s more, free up the spaces in your drawers and cabinets by utilising wall space. From toothbrushes to shavers, keep your daily essentials within reach with Sweet Home’s Korea DeHub Bathroom Wall Holder that can be attached to the wall without the need for drilling holes. For towels and mirrors, explore space saving solutions such as Kitchen+Ware’s Garbath suction cosmetic mirror and their towel rack, which can hold up to 10kg in weight.

Beyond keeping your bathroom organised, minimalist organisers and wall holders add an aesthetic, modern feel to it.

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

3. Keep it fresh with scents

While it is easy for odours to build up, we’ve got just the solution to keep those pesky smells at bay - diffusers!

Apart from turning your bathroom into an oasis, diffusers purify the air and eradicate bacteria and fungi. In addition, the soothing scents allow you to relax while taking a bath or indulging in some self-pampering like applying face or hair masks.

Perfect for adding character to your space, the Jonathan Adler MRS Lampset from Maison Berger Paris features a beautiful fruity aroma to keep your bathroom smelling fresh! Renowned for its purifying properties and elegant design, you’re sure to get compliments on this from your guests. This invigorating fragrance is also available as a stick and car diffuser, making it easy for you to liven up any space.

But, if you’re more into floral, earthy scents, then Mt. Sapola’s Home Diffusing Flower in Rosemary and Mint blend is right up your alley. What’s good about this particular diffuser is that you’re able to switch up the intensity of the fragrance according to your preference.

Looking for a scent that has benefits such as reducing anxiety, calming the mind, and eliminating the home from cold and flu germs? Try Madera de Mango’s Hysses diffuser in Bergamot Frankincense instead. Alternatively, you can mix and match your favourite essential oils, and use a Purity Haven nebuliser diffuser, designed to release scents in a stronger and longer lasting way.

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

4. Invest in splurge-worthy beauty products

Make the space feel like a luxurious beauty parlour with a collection of high quality hair and skin care! For beautiful, luscious locks that shine, we recommend Estetica’s Verdure Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Hair Growth Essence. Formulated with ingredients such as lavender oil and orange peel oil, this range of hair care will leave your hair looking great and smelling like you just stepped out of a fancy salon.

When it comes to skincare, you deserve only the best. To recreate a spa-like facial at home, try out Eclado’s A.C Control Ampoule to exfoliate dead skin cells and A.C Oil Free Toner to reduce excess sebum. We’re also fans of their Cell Magic Skin Lotion – a lightweight formula that keeps your skin moisturised while reducing fine lines.

Your collection won’t be complete without Estetica’s ActivCalm Gentle Cleansing Milk. This soothing wash gently removes impurities to give you soft, delicate skin – a similar effect to what you’d get after a facial.

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

5. Double up soaps as decor

With the limited space you have, it can be a challenge to decorate your bathroom. But, what if we told you that you could double up your soaps as decor?

For instance, dial up on the wow factor of Mt. Sapola's Lemongrass Bar Soap by placing it in a marbled or luxe design soap dish. Don’t waste your decadent bath products by storing them in the cabinets!

That’s not all. Apart from helping you rejuvenate after a long day thanks to the myriad blend of essential oils it contains, Mt.Sapola’s Lemongrass Bath Salt can help reduce stress, relax muscles, and even boost your skin health. Another favourite of ours is Sweet Home’s Farcent Botanical Body Wash – its striking diamond motif will add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. P.S. The organic Calendula extract in this formula is designed to soothe and moisturise your skin, so what’s there not to love?

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

6. Get high-tech with the right gadget

If you haven’t gotten a digital scale for your bathroom, now’s the time. A staple in most households, this nifty item is a great way for you to track your health.

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is a comprehensive device that accurately tracks your weight, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolism and more to provide you with a realistic picture of your overall well-being. Apart from its functionalities, its sleek design will instantly modernise any space!

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

And there you have it! Keeping your bathroom organised and updated isn’t as hard as you think. Follow our handy organisation and beautifying tips and picks above, and be on your way to creating a classy and refreshing haven.

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