13 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs

Whether it be reinventing their look, getting a new outfit for work, or stock piling on staple classic pieces… Ask any girl – there are many reasons why ladies hit the shops.

Here are 13 essential wardrobe pieces that every girl should have for that effortlessly put together look! Classic, easy, yet effortlessly cool, these pieces are essentially versatile, making them suitable for any look you want to achieve! Try out these 8 different looks that we’ve put together for you, and mix them up with some accessories to make them truly “you”!

Music Fest

Look 1:  “Music Fest”

Heading out for some live music? Whether you’re attending an outdoor music concert or you’re just set to chill out to some live music at a pub, throw on this look to channel some free-spirited, Bohemian hipster vibes! This cool and casual getup makes it an effortless go-to for an evening of tunes at the Botanic Gardens’ Symphony stage or a concert at Fort Canning, yet dressy enough to head into town for brunch!

Show off your free spirit: Accessorise with suede, feather- or leaf-themed adornments for that extra Bohemian feel!

Dress down Fridays

Look 2: “Dress down Fridays”

Thank God, It’s Friday! You can already smell the weekend, so it’s time to take out your favourite pair of jeans! But it’s still a workday, and there might be a meeting on today… so we want to keep it a little more professional. Pair up your jeans with a crisp, white shirt – a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe! Uniqlo’s F/W16-17 Collection uses the lightest of fabrics to create light, breatheable shirts, making this perfect for Singapore’s warm climate. Slip on those heels and grab a schnazzy clutch to match, because it’s just a few more hours to Friday Night Cocktails!

To complete the look: Pair with your marble accessories you’ve been dying to wear the entire week.

Look 3:  “First date”

It’s always so stressful to go on a first date. You don’t want to look like you’ve waited for your entire life for this, yet do you want to look like you can’t be bothered… You want to keep it cool, but yet come off as cute, so what on earth will you wear?! Try this classic white, backless dress for that sweet, sporty, yet sexy look. P.S. Bring your denim jacket as it might get cold in the cinema!

A splash of colour: Glam it up with some gold accents with this gold faced watch / chunky gold and white bracelet, and this shiny coin necklace.

Model-off duty

Look 4: “Model-off duty”

You literally need just to run a few errands, but what if you bump into one of your exes, or worse, your ex’s new lover? Not to worry, this off-the-catwalk look is definitely a head turner. Throw on a blazer over a white tee and denim shorts, and jazz up your look with a white leather tote/clutch and sneakers to match. Put on some shades and tasseled-hoop earrings to chic up your look, and you’re ready to face anything!

Breakfast meeting

Look 5: “Breakfast meeting”

Even if you’re not a morning person, this simple combo would make people think you are! You’ve got this – own that meeting and show them who’s boss, even before you sip your first cup of coffee. Try this no-fuss white, backless dress, and pair it with classic nude, pointed heels, and a floral, nude scarf to match! Pair this with a nude or pastel-coloured bag for the ultimate picture of elegance!

Let’s see some sparkle: Make your outfit classier with a rose gold necklace, and matching baby-pink notebooks!

The dream job interview

Look 6: “The dream job interview”

As clichéd as it may sound, your first impression goes a long way. You’ve done your homework and you’ve stayed up all night to prepare you for the interview of your dream job. Seal the deal with this #girlboss outfit! Throw on a blazer over this elegant, clean-cut black dress, and pair it with a black patent leather clutch.

Complete this look with a square metal bracelet and a necklace to express your dazzling personality!

Denim on denim

Look 7: “Denim on denim”

Heading out to hang with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nothing says casual like denim on denim! Soften up this look by going with blush pink shoes and accessories, and a white shirt to break up the monotony!

Add some shine: Small, muted accessories like rose gold, or marbled ear studs work well with a look like this! Feeling a little more fancy? Try a minimalist, silver necklace for some low-key-but-classy vibes!

Woke-up like this

Look 8: “Woke-up like this”

Of course we know you didn’t. But don’t worry we’ll keep that our secret! Mix up your casual clothes with some glamorous items while heading out for brunch, and you would surely have glances thrown your way! White tee-shirts on denim is an effortlessly classy look, and dressing it up with heels and a scarf could take your look from casual to chic in a flash!

Lets take this up a notch: Pair this look with tasseled hoop earrings and a bracelet to match for that extra flair and sparkle!

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  1. Durable Denim Jacket, U.P S$99.95 (Esprit)
  2. The Black Blazer, U.P.S$ 59.90 (Uniqlo - Causeway Point, Changi City Point & Waterway Point)
  3. A good pair of Jeans, U.P. S$ 49.90 (Yishion - Waterway Point)
  4. The Daisy Duke denim shorts, U.P. S$34.90 (Yishion - Waterway Point)
  5. The quintessential white crisp shirt, U.P S$ 49.90 (Uniqlo - Causeway Point, Changi City Point & Waterway Point)
  6. The proverbial, Little White Dress a.k.a. (LWD), U.P. S$103.03 (GG<5 - Waterway Point)
  7. Roman Holiday-esque scarf, U.P S$99.95 (Esprit)
  8. A deep V White T-shirt, S$14.95 (Cotton On - Anchorpoint, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Northpoint & Waterway Point)
  9. Clean white sneakers, S$39.95 (Rubi Shoes - Causeway Point & Northpoint)
  10. A simple Black clutch, U.P. S$ 73.83 (GG<5 - Waterway Point)
  11. Nude bag, U.P. 14.95 (Cotton On - Anchorpoint, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Northpoint & Waterway Point)
  12. Sexy Nude pumps, U.P. S$169.00 (Metro, Arezzo - The Centrepoint)
  13. Statement earrings, U.P. S$25.00 to 42.00 (Metro, Skeda Jewellery - The Centrepoint)