Looking forward to that amazing date you’ve already planned for Valentine’s Day but still stuck on what to get your special someone? Here’s a suggestion: Skip the chocolates and roses this year and take your gift-giving up a notch with beautiful Valentine’s Day jewellery to show your special lady how much she means to you.

Picking out jewellery may sound intimidating – from figuring out diamond cuts to the names of precious metals and stones. So, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of stunning and unique pieces that would delight your sweetheart on this memorable day.

Before you start shopping, don’t forget to take note of her style and the types of jewellery she prefers – does she fancy elegant pendants, classic rings, is she into quirky charms, or perhaps all of the above?

Bracelets/ Bangle

  1. Hestia bangle

This pure Rhodium plated bangle encrusted with Swarovski® crystals is a simple yet stand-out piece for the lady who likes to keep it elegant with an edge of girlish spunk. With a design that’s versatile for work and play, she’ll definitely make this a style staple.

Get the Hestia Bangle, $69, from Lush Addiction.

  1. Adora bracelet

Dazzle your way to her heart with this gorgeous Adora bracelet, a 100% Rhodium-plated piece studded with beautiful Swarovski® crystals. Featuring playful heart-shaped charms in a cool Aquamarine shade, this bracelet would suit a casual-chic lady who loves to have fun.

The Adora bracelet, $89, also available in Rose or Crystal, from Lush Addiction.

  1. Hello Kitty Charm bracelet

It’s no secret that this pop culture icon has won over tons of adoring fans. So, if she’s a huge fan of this classic feline, Poh Heng’s Hello Kitty charm bracelet would be the surefire way to her heart.

Encrusted with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires, each charm says feminine chic with a nostalgic tinge of carefree girlishness. Set in yellow, white or rose gold, these charms can be worn as a classic accessory and would also make an exquisite collectible item. You could always start with one charm this Valentine’s Day and get her the next one on another special occasion, so that each charm marks an important moment in your relationship!

*Bracelet, $330; charms sold separately. Check in-store for prices. Available at Poh Heng.


  1. K-Style diamond rings

These one-of-a-kind rings inspired by the symbols on card decks say much more than any regular ring. Pick a style that best represents her character, and don’t forget to tell her why –  the heart speaks of someone magnanimous, the club for the intellectual, the diamond represents the ardent, spade for the wise – and of course, crown for the queen of your heart. These quirky yet minimalistic rings will make the perfect accessory for a sophisticated lady who’s never afraid to make a bold statement. And be sure to complete the gift by writing her a witty card, telling her that she’s your “best bet” in life!

K-Style diamond rings, $298 each, available at Goldheart.

  1. Loved Paved Diamond Ring

Softly bedazzling, the Loved Paved Diamond ring is a great option if you’re looking to get her an accessory that fits her everyday style with the right touch of glamour. Comprising 8 diamonds with a total carat-weight of 0.06, this 10K White Gold ring that oozes beautiful subtlety that would complement louder accessories or look great as a single, standout piece.

The Loved Paved Diamond Ring, $249, from SK Jewellery.

  1. ALLOVE Diamond Ring

If you’re planning something extra special this year that involves going down on one knee, be sure to check out SK Jewellery’s ALLOVE series. Iconic for its “10 Hearts and 10 Arrows” pattern, the ALLOVE diamond that is masterfully crafted in Belgium features an 81-facet cut, compared to a traditionally cut diamond that has 57 facets. Best of all, the 10 perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows pattern in the diamond symbolises an all-encompassing love that withstands the test of time – a perfect declaration if you’re asking the love of your life to spend forever with you.

Diamond from $1789 and 18K White Gold Casing from $1599, both available at SK Jewellery.

Pendants/ Necklace

  1. Dande Heart Pearl Pendant

Timelessly elegant, this lustrous pearl pendant set in 10k White Gold, features a romantic twist. With a heart encrusted by 3 diamonds totaling a 0.01 carat weight, this regal piece with a unique subtlety would match an evening getup such as long, flowy dresses or chic pantsuits. What’s more, it’ll make her look like a million bucks while being easier on the wallet.

The Dande Heart Pearl Pendant, $169 available at SK Jewellery.

  1. Snoopy Full of Love Diamond Pendant

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be all about the romance. Spice it up this year with a fun date and this lively Snoopy Full of Love Diamond Pendant from SK Jewellery’s Valentine’s Day 2018 Collection. Featuring the well-loved beagle with a diamond pendant that oscillates 10 times per second producing 10 times the brilliance and shine, this adorably sparkling pendant is best suited for that creative someone who loves being on the move.

The Snoopy Full of Love Diamond Pendant, $499, available at SK Jewellery.

  1. Hearts On Fire Aerial Single Diamond Pendant

Available in multiple carat weights to match any woman’s personality and style, the Aerial Single Diamond Pendant is a great piece for someone who loves an elegant yet hassle-free style.

This timeless design can be worn with any look – from a smart office style to weekend casual and date-night looks. On days that she feels like jazzing up her usual look, she could also layer it with other necklaces. Whether worn on its own or with other jewellery, this outstanding piece will certainly withstand the test of time.

Hearts On Fire Aerial Single Diamond Pendant, from $1,400, available at TianPo.

  1. Hearts On Fire Lilliana Flower Pendant

Keep your romance alive with this stunning Hearts On Fire Lilliana Flower Pendant. Exuding luxury with a vintage charm, this is the ultimate gift to lavish her with. The halo-style necklace comprises a stunning mix of platinum with rose gold and perfectly cut diamonds. Watch her light up every room with class and confidence while donning this statement centrepiece.

Hearts On Fire Lilliana Flower Pendant, $3,340, available at TianPo.

So, go on and start picking out the perfect jewellery for that special lady! Remember that you know her best, so don’t sweat it - just be sure to keep your gift heartfelt. We wish you all a blissful Valentine’s Day!