5 Unique Mooncakes You Can Get At The Malls of Frasers Property Singapore

The Mid-Autumn season is fast approaching, and the time to stock up on mooncakes is here! Just like you, we always have our eyes peeled for exciting and unique mooncake flavours every year. 
Here’s our pick of 5 unique mooncake flavours that you can find in the malls of Frasers Property Singapore (that are not from hotels)!

1. For the love of Durians 

Fulfil your durian cravings this Mid-Autumn Festival with Golden Moments’ Premium Durian Snowskin Mooncake. Each mooncake is sprinkled with edible gold dust and has a generous filling of Mao Shan Wang. Its premium look and taste is sure to make it the highlight of any table!
You can find Golden Moments at Causeway Point’s, Northpoint City’s and Waterway Point’s Mid-Autumn Mooncake Fair.

2. For the millennial darling 

The popularity of avocado has skyrocketed in recent years and that’s not changing anytime soon. Enjoy the A-list fruit in mooncake form with All the Batter’s Avocado Mochi Mooncakes. Made with real avocados, this is a healthier alternative for the health conscious. It features 3 different flavours – White Lotus, Matcha and Red Bean, that come with an Avocado Dark Chocolate center. Its ingredients are also vegan friendly, shortening-free and gluten-free!
You can find All the Batter at Anchorpoint.

3. For the unconventional route

Want a mooncake that’s less tried and tested? Try Gim Tim Group’s innovative Crispy Mooncakes Series. The fried mooncakes have a fluffy exterior and boasts flavours such as yam paste, sweet potato and pumpkin. This unique twist to the traditional mooncake is a must try if you’re looking for something different this year. 
Get these unique mooncakes from Northpoint City’s Mid-Autumn Mooncake Fair.

4. For a savoury twist 

Who better to create Bak Kwa Mooncakes than Singapore’s most beloved Bak Kwa store, Bee Cheng Hiang. Despite being around for several years now, this mooncake is still a popular favourite among Singaporeans, thanks to the collision of both sweet and savoury flavours. 
Bee Cheng Hiang has outlets at Waterway Point, Causeway Point, and Northpoint City.

5. For Disney fans of all ages 

Inspired by local flavours such as Kaya and Bandung, the Mickey Go Local Ice Cream Mooncakes (left) are the perfect choice for fans of Disney’s Mickey Mouse! The set of four mooncakes also come with a FREE Mickey Mouse Cooler Bag to keep them from melting.
They are available at all Swensen’s outlets including Northpoint City, Causeway Point and Waterway Point.