Singapore’s 52nd birthday bash is just around the corner and we know that many of you are raring to be part of the bustling festivities. But as much as we love waving our multi-coloured glow sticks in the air along with tens of thousands of parade goers, or watching the fireworks illuminate the night sky at Gardens by the Bay, we also know that what you pack along can make or break a day out. So, if you’ve already got that fabulous National Day OOTD down pat, you’re left with one final step – packing for this exciting day!

In true blue Singaporean fashion, we’ve come up with a kiasu list of 12 essential items that will get you all set for the coming celebrations.

1. Backpack

Store all your items in a fuss-free backpack that’s roomy enough for all your barang yet light enough to carry around with comfortable shoulder straps. We love this Adidas drawstring bag from Sportslink that’s absolutely handy and makes us all look sporty chic.

Get backpacks from Converse, Sportslink and Royal Sporting House.

2. Picnic mat

This one’s for those who are planning to chill out at Gardens by the Bay or Marina Barrage and get a perfect view of the fireworks. And what’s a picnic without a makan feast? Whip up your own delicious home-cooked bento sets to enjoy while admiring the spectacular view. 

Get your picnic mat from Daiso or FairPrice Finest.

3. Bug spray

If you are planning on hanging out at Gardens by the Bay or Marina Barrage during NDP, be sure to keep those mozzies out of your picnic party. Get a can of bug spray so that you’ll be ready to fight off any pesky pests.

Get bug spray from Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty or FairPrice Finest.

4. Cap/Hat

Here’s an item that kills two birds with one stone – it spruces up your outfit while keeping you cool and comfy. Show how patriotic you are by packing a red hat or cap, just like this one (because how many times in a year are you allowed to go overboard with the red) and it won’t let the sun get to you!

Find a range of fashionable hats from H&M and classic baseball caps from Converse, Sportslink and Royal Sporting House.

5. Shades

Since we’re on the topic of keeping the sun out, don’t forget your sunnies! You don’t want to be squinting uncomfortably as you’re gazing up at the fighter jets’ stunning aerial formations. Invest in a good pair that will provide your eyes with adequate protection from the sun’s UV rays and pack this snazzy and handy accessory in! Don’t forget to protect your shades too. When you’re not using them at night, make sure that they’re safely stowed in a hard case.

Get stunning sunnies from Sunglass Hut Outlet, Better Vision and Capitol Optical.

6. Thermal Bottle

You’re not going anywhere in this 30°C weather without a cold beverage to keep you hydrated. So, make sure that you’ve got a water bottle always on hand. The range of cute thermal bottles and tumblers from Typo are simply irresistible, so here’s one we’d definitely bring for a full day out in the sun. Not only is it gorgeous and lightweight, its thermal properties will also keep your drink cool. If you’re feeling extra healthy, make a delicious smoothie and pack it to go!

Find a range of cute thermal bottles from Typo and sporty water bottles from Royal Sporting House

7. Sunscreen

If you don’t want to spend the next few days nursing burnt cheeks and a peeling nose, make sure that you and your little ones slather on some sunscreen. Bring your sunscreen along too, so that you can reapply it later in the day.

Get sunscreen from Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty or FairPrice Finest

8. Raincoat

While you’re all geared up to beat the heat and humidity, make sure that you’re also prepared for a rainy day. So, chuck in a raincoat! It’ll weigh almost nothing and come in handy if it starts to pour. We prefer it to an umbrella because it’ll give us all the flexibility we need to jive along to our favourite National Day tunes.

9. Portable fan

Alright, we promise that this is our last ‘beat the heat’ item. We did warn you that this is a kiasu list… But you won’t be complaining after packing this along, because being in an open-air stadium with 30,000 people can get incredibly warm and stuffy. Get a nifty portable fan that’ll keep you cool throughout the parade and make everyone else gawk in envy.

Get portable fans from Daiso, Courts, Best Denki and Harvey Norman.

10. Binoculars

The parade will be an incredible feast for the senses, with its myriad of pyrotechnics, choreography and vivid-coloured floats. If you don’t want to miss out on the awesome visuals, get a pair of binoculars that will also serve you well for other outdoor adventures! The kids will definitely want a close-up view of the rifles and army tanks, so make sure that they’re armed with a pair too!

Get a pair of sleek binoculars from Gain City, Courts, Best Denki and Harvey Norman. Binoculars for children are available at Toys“R”Us.

11. Camera

Of course, you’d want to remember every moment of this unforgettable day. So, pack along your trusty camera and snap loads of great pics. We recommend a lightweight point-and-shoot one so that it’ll be convenient to lug around. Or change it up a little and bring along a Fujifilm Instax Mini for polaroid keepsakes. 

Get cameras from Max Photo, Challenger, Courts, Best Denki, Gain City and Harvey Norman.

12. Portable Phone Charger

And last but not least – juice for your phone. Half the fun’s gone when your phone battery goes flat! Especially if you’ve got a ton of Insta-worthy moments to capture or if you get unexpectedly left behind from your group amongst the throngs of crowds. So, remember to bring along a portable charger for your phone! You’re definitely going to need it after your millionth Insta-story of the day.

Get portable chargers from Challenger, Hi-Tech Mobile, Whoppi Mobile, Mobile Stop and Mobile King.

So, there you have it - our 12 must-haves for a day out in the sun! Get packing soon and we’ll catch you at the NDP party!