We’re whizzing into the hottest action-flick season, so get ready for a hero invasion on the big screens! From now till December, mark your calendars and book your best movie kakis for some film action (or two). Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t miss in the cinemas!

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Release Date: 28 Sep

Action movies come in all sizes, as long as they’re well-pieced together like a LEGO set and, erm, movie. The LEGO Ninjago Movie is a hilarious and heart-warming one filled with lots of ninja action. Just watch out for the legendary Jackie Chan, who lends his voice as Sensei Wu, and an all-star cast including Olivia Munn, Dave Franco, Michael Peña, Fred Armisen and Justin Theroux.

Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok

Release Date: 26 Oct

Who doesn’t love Thor? Marvel’s hammer slinging superhunk – we mean, superhero, will hit the screens at the end of the year, but you can start feasting your eyes on this nail-biter of a trailer. The drool-worthy Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor, joined by A-listers Cate Blanchett as Hela and Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster. Expect action with a sense of humour, and a Hulk that’s all armoured up and tougher than ever.

Justice League

Release Date: 16 Nov

Hang on tight to your seats for the ultimate superhero movie: five superheroes from DC Comics team up to save the world from a newly awakened enemy. Batman enlists the help of Wonder Woman and friends, and an epic clash between good and evil ensues. Starring: Ben Affleck as Batman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Release Date: 14 Dec

The moment a Star Wars film goes public, it’s spoiler mania – imagine having to cover your eyes and ears to block out critical plot points every time you’re at a gathering or scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Don’t be a spoiler victim this year. Be the first to catch Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the next chapter in the Skywalker family saga. You probably can’t wait till December to find out if it’s really time for the Jedi to end, but Yoda will tell you that "Patient… you must be." 

So go ahead and mark those release dates, and go forth with much force! 

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